Побег(Prison Break)
110: Sleight of Hand(7 ноября 2005 г. – давно)
In order to get Abruzzi back in command of the prison's work detail (and the escape plan back on track), Michael must finally give up Fibonnaci's location (and life) to Philly Falzone; Kellerman and Hale get a little unwanted 'help' to track down a missing LJ; Veronica and Nick uncover evidence against the man Lincoln was convicted of murdering; Michael and Dr. Sara…

Эфир давно – зайдите позже!

A.K.A. CA: La Grande Évasion  FR: La Grande Évasion  IR: فرار از زندان  LT: Kalėjimo bėgliai  RU: Побег  US: Prison Break: Resurrection