Guardians of the Night (2016)

Kto ty - ne sudba, a vybor! (Who you are is not fate, but a choice!)
Action / Fantasy / Science Fiction / Thriller • 97 minutes  4.3/10
Starring: Ivan Yankovsky Lyubov Aksyonova Leonid Yarmolnik Mikhail Evlanov Sabina Akhmedova Igor Vernik Ekaterina Volkova Konstantin Adaev and others.
Released • August 1, 2016

Contemporary Moscow. When eighteen-year-old Pasha rescues a beautiful young woman from a band of strangely powerful attackers, he discovers an underworld of supernatural beings living among us.

A.K.A. FR: Nightwatchmen, les gardiens de la nuit  PT: Ночные стражи  RU: Ночные стражи  US: The Guardians of the Night