Bájecní muzi s klikou (1978)

Comedy • 90 minutes  6.9/10
Released • January 1, 1978

Returning home to Prague, the magician Pasparte, an owner of a circus caravan, meets his dying colleague who entrusts his beautiful daughter Aloisie to his care. In Prague they all take up their lodgings at the house At Blue Fish in which they intend to arrange the programs. The firm is owned by widow Evzenie with whom Pasparte shares flat and bed. Evzenie is jealous of Aloisie therefore Pasparte sends Aloisie as a housewife to the single man Jakub Kolenatý who earns his living by photographing and wants to record the revived pictures of Prague. Pasparte wants to found in Prague the…

A.K.A. DE: Báječní muži s klikou  ES: Báječní muži s klikou  FR: Báječní muži s klikou  PT: Báječní muži s klikou  RU: Báječní muži s klikou